Call or Text to place an order from any restaurant!

Did you know Sudbury has more than 300 restaurants to choose from?!

Check out the list below to see which restaurants we already deliver for. Call them directly and they’ll call us.

Quiznos (Lasalle)
Kings Buffet
Don’s Pizza
Okinawa Sushi
Kobe Sushi
Wonderful Sushi
Osaka Sushi
Quiznos (Algonquin)
Golded Pizza
Herc’s Greek Eatery
Wacky Wings
Tandoori Taste
Sanpa Italian Foods Paris
Teklenburg’s Lasalle
Asian Cuisine
Taj Bistro

To place an order from a restaurant NOT mentioned in the list above, please give us a call first, so we can plan your pick-up time perfectly.